Architekt Thomas Herzig

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Mars Habitat

Mars Bug

The MARS BUG, a six legged rover / robot

Legs are more efficient than wheels for locomotion in sand and over rocks, while the lower gravity on Mars makes it easier to lift the legs and lift the weight of the vehicle. The large overhanging roof hosts photovoltaic cells. The mass of the integrated batteries shields from radiation and micrometeorites. The roof wings can open to unfold another pair of solar wings and extend the photo voltaic area.

The structure consists of a frame with 6 legs and the solar roof. Modular containers can be plugged in. They can be open containers for transportation of building material, or they are closed and compressed for transportation of ice. And there are containers that function as passenger cabins. The new explorers can lay long cable lines on the Mars surface from a power plant and provide charging stations. So the Mars Bug gets sufficient supply of electricity even for far distance rides to the poles.