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Mars Habitat

Pneumo Planet Mars Habitat

Mars Habitat

This patented concept is the first inflatable habitat for foreign planets and moons that perfectly shields against cosmic radiation and micrometeorites, but also makes sufficient natural sunlight usable inside to grow vegetable and fruits, to keep the habitat warm, and for the wellness of the inhabitants.

An ultra light inflatable membrane structure is manufactured carefully and tested on Earth under ideal conditions. All the rest of the building material that shall protect from cold, radiation and meteorites shall come from the Mars surface as sand and stones (regolith), which will be deposited on top of the inflatable structure. Since the atmospheric pressure on Mars is 6 mbar only, an inflatable structure inflated up to half Earth-atmospheric pressure can support an up to a 6 meters thick layer of regolith.

The side walls are transparent and free of deposit. To protect the side walls from radiation and meteorites, an overhanging roof is installed which stops any direct sun radiation on the equator that comes vertically. Parallel along the transparent sidewalls we install mirror membranes that reflect the visible light into the greenhouse while the hard radiation penetrates the mirror membrane and is absorbed in the ground below. The angle of the mirror membrane can be adjusted so it can follow the seasonal declination of the sunlight.

Thus inside the inflatable habitat we create a natural environment, where plants, microorganisms, animals and humans live in symbiosis.

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